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We Help Companies and Consumers alike to Solve their Debt Problems

Solved is a leading provider of contingent debt collection services in the Australian marketplace.
Solved’s services include Commercial Debt Collection, Consumer Debt Collection and Accounts Receivable Services.

Solved is a debt collection agency that specialises in contingent debt collection i.e. our commission/payment is contingent on the debt being collected! We help our clients by engaging their customers/debtors who have failed to pay them after our clients have exhausted all efforts to collect from said customer/debtor.

For example, this could be;

• When they stop taking your calls/returning your emails
• When they have made promises to pay and failed to do so
• When they are stringing you along with excuse after excuse for non-payment
• When the debt gets to a certain age and is still not paid e.g. 4 months past terms.

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Commercial Debt Collection (B2B)

Solved's experienced team are experts in commercial debt recovery. Solved's experienced team leverage their understanding of the Corporations Act, effective collection techniques and enforceable terms and conditions in our customer’s credit contracts to effectively communicate and influence debtors to re-prioritise the importance of the outstanding debt owed to your organisation.

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Consumer Debt Collection (B2C)

Having trouble recovering money from your clients. Whether you are a business who works with other businesses or even individuals, if you are experiencing trouble being paid on time contact Solved to discuss our cost effective debt collection services.

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Accounts Receivable Outsourcing

Solved can be contracted to manage what is normally handled by an organisations internal accounts receivable team. A bespoke solution is tailored for each client depending on their individual requirements. This could include;
• - An end-to-end dunning’s process i.e. essentially completing all activities handled by an internal A/R team.
• - Assistance in managing overflow of accounts at peak times during the year.
• - Leveraging our automation and omni channel communication modes to manage large volumes of accounts whilst directing inbound calls to your internal team
• - Outbound A/R calls leveraging our experienced collections team
Solved’s staff would identify as employees of any client we represent. If you would like to find out more about our outsourcing solutions please contact us today!

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